Stories through the lens of purpose and passion.


Purpose and passion are at the heart of every story we tell. Since BEHIND THE LNE launched in 2009, we have been driven to tell stories that were so compelling to us that we just had to share them with the world.

We are an independent production company, headed by JL Pomeroy, who has partnered with a brilliant and diverse roster of filmmakers and crew.


Die Laughing – Documentary Short

Exploring the complicated relationship between comedy and the limits of free speech, Die Laughing follows three comedy troupes in Cairo: ‘Red Tomato’, European and Egyptian street clowns; ‘The Street Children’, satirical sketches posted to social media; and ‘Saturday Night Live Arabia’, a local language SNL broadcast across the Middle East and North Africa. The documentary short celebrates the universality of comedy and examines what lengths these artists are willing to go to express themselves. Directed by Tom Broecker and JL Pomeroy